Service Philosophy

At Tribe we believe in honest, fair and transparent pricing for all

We understand that you have unique challenges and aspirations, that’s why we’ve developed a pricing system that can be tailored and adapted to suit your individual needs.

As a new guest, we book out 15 minutes of complimentary time for you to get to know your stylist and have relaxed, in-depth chat about what you are looking to achieve.

How it works

We’ve empowered our stylists to be creative by removing the restrictions set by the conventional ‘one size fits all’ service approach to give you a truly individual style experience..

We use a time based system to calculate the cost of our services where each Stylists hourly rate detirmined by factors such has their experience, skill and demand.

This means that you will always know what you are going to pay before the service begins and we will never charge more than the quoted amount, even if it takes longer.

Gender neutral pricing

We believe in equality and our pricing system reflects this. The price of your appointment is determined by the amount of time spent with your stylist, not by your gender.

Services & Price Guide

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Wedding Hair