Service Philosophy

Come for the experience, leave with the hair you’ve always wanted..

When you step into our salons we want you to be completely comfortable, so we take some time to have a relaxed, friendly chat before starting your service.

We use this time to find out how you really feel about your hair, learn about the challenges you face and what you would like to achieve.

We will also consider your unique features, lifestyle & personality to create a tailored journey towards the hair that you’ve always wanted.


  • For new guests who would like to book a colour service with us, we will require that you come in to the salon for a complimentary chat and allergy test before booking an appointment. We won’t be able to book a colour service without this important first step.
  • Colour Services & treatments must be booked with either a Cut & Style, Blow Dy or Quick Dry. We don’t allow guests to leave the salon with wet hair.
  • You will need a credit/ debit card to secure your booking either online, by phone or in-salon. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancelling or moving an appointments or the booking total will be charged in full.
  • In order to help us maintain a calm, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for our guests, we don’t allow Children under the age of 12 in the salon.


Our Stylists pricing is a reflection of their experience, skill, dedication & demand for their time. Their commitment is rewarded directly in how we structure their pricing.

Our Cut & Style service allows our Stylists time to wash, cut, blow dry, style and refine your hair.

Stylist LevelCut & Style
£48 per hour£48
£56 per hour£56
£64 per hour£64
£72 per hour£72
£80 per hour£80

Blow Dry & Creative Styling

Let your personal stylist revitalise your hair for a busy week, special occasion or big night out with a luxurious Blow Dry or Creative Styling.

Stylist LevelBlow DryCreative Styling
£48 per hour £36from £48
£56 per hour £42from £56
£64 per hour £48from £64
£72 per hour £54from £72
£80 per hour £60from £80

Personalised Colour that’s kind to your Hair

Discover plant-powered colour with up to 99% naturally derived ingredients that’s completely personalised to you.

Our conditioning formula can achieve anything from full grey coverage to richness and vibrancy without compromising the condition of your hair. Giving you long lasting shine and hair that is soft to touch.

The pricing below is to be used for guidance purposes only. All colour is personalised and will be accurately quoted following your complimentary chat.

Stylist LevelTint | DemiClassic FoilingCreative | Balayage
£48 per hourfrom £64from £76 - £112from £108 - £132
£56 per hourfrom £68from £82 - £124from £116 - £144
£64 per hourfrom £72from £88 - £136from £124 - £156
£72 per hourfrom £76from £94 - £148from £132 - £168
£80 per hourfrom £80from £100 - £160from £120 - £180

Tone | GlossGrey BlendingPost Colour Quick Dry
from £20from £20£10

Hair Repair & Conditioning

Experience a holistic approach to the inner strength and the outer beauty of healthy hair.

Olaplex Bond Repair

Olaplex multiplies and reconnects the bonds in the hair that are broken due to too much colour or heat styling.

It makes the hair stronger, dramatically reduces breakage and ensures that your hair colour lasts longer and looks healthier.

Aveda Botanical Strength, Moisture & Scalp

Our Aveda Botanical Rituals give you natures remedy for healthy looking hair with solutions personalised to you

Choose to;

  • enhance the strength of your hair with protein.
  • infuse your dry hair with penetrating moisture
  • revive your scalp and healthy encourage growth

Aveda Botanicals give added strength, moisture, elasticity & shine results for up to 4 weeks.

Olaplex Bond RepairBotanical StrengthBotanical MoistureBotanical Scalp
from £40from £20from £20from £20

Sometimes the natural texture of your hair can limit your style possibilities

We can help you achieve the style that you want on a more permanent basis, by either smoothing the hair, adding volume or changing the texture so that you hair is easier to manage.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Our smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious.

This isn’t a Straightening Treatment and your hair will retain it’s natural movement, just without the frizz.

This treatment reduces the amount of time you’ll have to spend styling your hair each week, our guests often described the service as “life changing”.

Permanent Wave

Our permanent wave system gently changes the texture of your hair into curls & waves whilst creating more volume.

How to Book a Texture & Wave Service

All of our Texture & Wave services are personalised to the individual which means that before you can book in, we need to discuss what you’d like to achieve in person.

This ensures that we can book out the correct amount of time for your appointment, do any relevant allergy/ hair testing and give you an exact cost of your appointment and future maintenance.