Aveda Colour

Personalised Hair Colour

Our team love to use hair colour to enhance your haircut, compliment your skin tone and perfect your style.

Aveda’s conditioning colour system is up to 99% naturally derived from natural plant extracts (organic sunflower, jojoba and castor oils) and delivers a superior colour result that is resistant to fading and stays true from service to service.

We can tone, darken or lighten hair using a protective crème formula without compromising the condition of the hair, giving incredible, long lasting shine.

Whether you are looking for a sublime blonde, a rich sumptuous brunette or a deep fiery red shade. The full spectrum colour system offers unlimited colour opportunities allowing our stylists to mix an individual colour formula personalised to you.

How to book A Hair Colour Service

All of our colour services are personalised to the individual which means that before you can book in, we need to discuss what you’d like to achieve in person.

This ensures that we can book out the correct amount of time for your appointment, do any relevant allergy/ hair testing and give you an exact cost of your appointment and future maintenance.