Elle | Manager | Tribe Chislehurst


Salon Co-ordinator   |   Chislehurst

If you have ever visited the Chislehurst salon, it’s highly likely that you would have met Elle. She is responsible for ensuring that every single guest that visits the salon has a worthwhile and relaxing experience.

As well as looking after our guests and keeping everything running smoothly for our stylists, Elle also has a hand in helping to develop and grow the business side of things.

You could say that Elle’s career path was already forged way before she joined the family business in 2014, but after following her mum and brother into hairdressing and becoming an apprentice, it was soon clear that Elle’s exceptional people skills and organisational talents would be better utilised from the front desk.

When Elle first stepped into her role of salon co-ordinator, it represented a real shift in the focus for salon and was instrumental in enhancing the level of service we were able to provide for our guests.

“The thing I love about being front of house is the challenge of making sure that every guests time in the salon is the best they’ve ever experienced.

This approach means I have to take the time to build meaningful relationships with everyone who visits us, listen to honest feedback and constantly re-evaluate our service standard so that we can learn new ways of improving what we have to offer, for everyones benefit.

I think we have a very talented team of hairdressers and I love being able to contribute towards helping them raise the bar, day by day ”

Hair Icon: Jennifer Lawrence

Favourite Product: Air Control