Level 2 Stylist  ·  Level 2 Colourist  ·  Chislehurst

With over 10 years experience working with hair, Jess brought a new dynamic to the team when she joined Tribe in 2015.

There’s no pretence with Jess, she’s down to earth and honest, knows what’s on-trend, but more importantly knows what will suit you.. and she’s not afraid to tell you when something won’t work.

With a passion for music and body art, Jess is not your average hair stylist. This infinitely creative rock chick will give you that little dose of inspiration needed to change your style.

Jess is your stylist if you’re looking to stay one step ahead and have something a little different. She’s also our ‘go to’ wedding/ hair up specialist.

“I love coming to work knowing that I can not only change someones look, but also change the way that they feel about themselves. I know that everyones perfect style is out there waiting to be discovered and I feel like it’s my responsibility to help them find it.

Being part of an amazingly talented team of people at Tribe, I get to work in an environment where I am allowed to express my creativity whilst challenging myself to become the best hairdresser I can be”

Hair Icon: Dita Von Teese

Favourite Product: Pure Abundance Hair Potion

Styled by Jess