Billy | Tribe Clapham

Billy Ryan

Co-Founder  |  Clapham 

As the Co-founder and creative force behind Tribe, it’s Billy’s responsibility lead the company and spread the word so that as many different people as possible can experience a hair salon that breaks from industry norms.

For Billy, Tribe is about the connection and empowerment of like minded people.

“Whilst we concentrate on creating amazing hair, we know the importance of living a happy, healthy and balanced life and we tailor our services to help you achieve this.

The business exists to not only serve our wonderful guests but also our amazingly talented team, along with everyone else who’s connected to the company in some way.

For me there should be a mutually beneficial relationship between the guests and the team and it makes sense if that they’re spend their days helping people feel good about themselves by delivering amazing hairdressing experience, it’s important that their own need for a happy work/ life is as equally well respected.

The philosiphy of this business only works if what we deliver is truly exceptional, so it’s my mission to ensure that we do that by staying ahead of the curve”